Friday, January 13, 2012

Ashley off Tampa Bay's 40-man

Former Biscuits catcher Nevin Ashley has been designated for assignment by the Rays. That means he's off Tampa Bay's 40-man major league roster.

The Rays had five catchers on their 40-man at the end of last season, which is too many. They have to run Ashley through waivers, where any team could claim him and add him to their 40-man. If nobody does, the Rays can trade him, outright him to the minors or release him.


socomfy said...

wow, some team will surely claim him.... there are teams so desperate for catching that even 36year old Benji Molina found a job! Oh, wait... thats us.....

How in the WORLD do the Rays deal away Jaso, waiver Ashely, and then spend way more than both of those guys on BenjiMo? And at the same time I am reading releases from Tampa about "addressing the catching problem" the team has.

Sometimes I wonder about this organization, but everyone says that they are the model franchise with no mistakes. Might be time to reassess that assertion.

rays3fan said...

Just a quick's Jose Molina. Benji Molina is semi-retired. Ashley was 4th on the catching depth chart behind Molina, Chirinos, and Lobaton. He may have even been passed by Vogt in the eyes of the organization. Also, most organizations are weak at the catching positions....not too many catchers have great or even good numbers.

Stacy Long said...

If I had to guess, I'd say Ashley clears waivers and goes to the minors. I don't think any of the 40-man catchers would gain much by coming back to Montgomery, so it might be a cramped situation in Durham ... barring another move.

socomfy said...

Whoops, you caught me! Musta been wishful thinking!

But you are so right,it IS Jose and not Benji. Benji is a way better hitter with twice as much experience and a pair of gold gloves.

Jose is a year younger than Benji, but I did have his age right at 36, although after comparing the two I am left even more stupefied by the size of the contract.

As for the move, Im not sure if its an irrevocable waivers or not - the rays may be dangling Ashley to find a trade partner that is interested in catchers.