Monday, January 09, 2012

Larkin in Hall of Fame; 2 Rebels fall short

Former Cincinnati Reds shortstop Barry Larkin was the only player elected to the Hall of Fame this year. Former Montgomery Rebels pitcher Jack Morris and shortstop Alan Trammell fell short, again.

Larkin drew 86 percent of the vote by the Baseball Writers Association of America -- and you need 75 percent to be inducted. Morris was second at 67 percent in his 13th time (of a possible 15) on the ballot. Trammell drew 37 percent and has a possible four years remaining on the ballot.


socomfy said...

I love Larkin getting in, especially after the way the Reds pushed him into retirement.

I always forget Jack Morris was a Rebel, even though I watched them in 76 - probably due to it being Jacks first minor league assignment and he pitched like a bum for us! 6.25 ERA in twelve games, two wins and three losses. Not exactly a memorable performance.

Though it would be fitting for him to go into the Hall with Rebel teammate Trammell, who also had a pretty bad 1976 for the Rebels. In 21 games Alan was hitting just around a buck-eighty.

A year later, Jack Morris would move up, but Trammell would pair with Lou Whitaker to form the double play tandem that lifted both players to the majors quickly. Even at the time it was obvious there was good chemistry and the hitting numbers went up in equal proportions.

So any guess as to how many former Rebels are Hall of Famers?

Stacy Long said...

Montgomery has five past players in the Hall of Fame, though the Rebels just have one.

Fred Clarke -- 1893 Colts
Joe "Iron Man" McGinnity -- 1893 Colts
Norman "Turkey" Stearns -- 1921 Grey Sox
Casey Stengel -- 1912 Billikens
Earl Weaver -- 1956 Rebels

So, does that mean the 1893 Colts were the best team in city history? Let the debate begin!