Sunday, March 26, 2006

Snobbish behavior

Well, I embarrassed myself -- yet again -- today. I had just chatted with someone in the clubhouse at the minor-league complex and started walking toward the fields. Someone was behind me, but I didn't recognize him and just kept walking. It was Chris Seddon, who pitched for the Biscuits in both 2004 and 2005.

In my defense, Seddon has grown his hair out a little bit. He had a crew-cut look last season, but now it can hang into his eyes. No matter the hairstyle, if Seddon continues his professional trend, he's due for a big season at Durham.

In the last two years, Seddon has started his season back at the level he ended the previous season, greatly improved his performance and earned a first-half promotion. Both times, he had average numbers after the promotion, but a steep learning curve led to early success.

Seddon did it at Montgomery in 2004-05. He was the Biscuits' pitcher of the year in 2004, despite a 9-10 record, a 4.39 ERA and 129 hits against him in 119 innings. He was much better in 2005 and was gone at the end of May.

Today, Seddon made sure to tease me for ignoring him. Hopefully, he won't be easy to ignore at Durham.

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