Thursday, March 31, 2011

Former Biscuits reliever Gorgen to miss 2011

Matt Gorgen, who tied for the Southern League lead in saves last season before being traded to Arizona, won't pitch in 2011 after suffering a rotator cuff injury. He had surgery two weeks ago and expects to be 100 percent next spring.

“It stinks, but it happens,” Gorgen said. “I was throwing the ball really, really well. At the same time, they got to see what I could do, so I hope I get another shot.”

A-Rod makes Houston's Opening Day roster

Aneury Rodriguez, the former Biscuit taken in December's Rule 5 draft by the Houston Astros, will be on Houston's Opening Day roster. Rodriguez has to stay in the major leagues all season or the Rays can reclaim him.

Rodriguez, who is still just 23 years old, was 6-5 with a 3.80 ERA in 27 starts for Durham last year. He is in line to be the 47th former Biscuit to reach the major leagues and the second from the 2010 team.

Video of Matt Moore, other spring scenes

Click here for an Advertiser video about Matt Moore and the upcoming Biscuits season. More videos should appear there over the next few weeks.

D.J. Jones only confirmed release

Outfielder D.J. Jones was one of a handful of releases today by the Rays. The players learned the news when they arrived this morning. Jones is the only one I've been able to confirm. Jones, who is from Gulf Shores, decided to come back this year after retiring last spring. He was an 11th-round draft pick in 2007.

Wrigley set for late start

Third baseman Henry Wrigley will start the season late due to a back injury. Wrigley was in uniform today and said he'll join the Biscuits in two weeks.

Thursday games

A little late getting back from lunch, but it's Jeremy Hellickson getting some throwing in for Triple-A and Edgar Gonzalez in Double-A. Check back for sporadic updates. More heavy wind today out to right in Trips and left in Dubs.

22 minutes in: in Double-A, Nommensen bunt single, Beckham walk, Vogt walk to start/load it. After an out, Fronk with an HBP RBI ends it. They rolled over the inning. In Triple-A, Hellickson is 6-up, 6-down so far.
38: Cipriano reaches on an error, steals second and scores on a wall-banging double by Sheridan. A Luna bloop single and wild pitch score Sheridan. Double-A Rays up 3-nil. In Trips, that Hellickson guy is still holding his own. A Chirinos RBI single and Furmaniak safety squeeze has it 2-0.
59: Vogt doubles in Beckham in Dubs. Hellickson gives up bunt to break up no-hitter, hit-and-run single and grounder to break up shutout in Trips.
1:11: Carter with a no-doubt homer to right in Trips. The wind is now lighter and, on that field, coming in from left, so it didn't help.
1:04: Helli gives up three-run double.
1:36: after another peel away to talk to some people, it's Newmann on in Double-A relief.
1:47: Mayora homers in Dubs. A few seconds later, Baker gives up one in Trips.
1:58: Canzler homers in Trips. Line shot to right-center.
2:21: Mayora homers again. This one also brings in Matt Hall.
2:50: Games are over, but I'll be honest: I don't know what the scores were. Rays won the Double-A game, though the Orioles scored in the ninth off Quate.

Rays, Davis agree on seven-year deal

Wade Davis and the Rays have agreed to a contract extension that will keep the right-handed pitcher with the team through at least 2014. The Rays have team options for 2015-17.

The contract is worth $12.6 million guaranteed with a maximum value of $35.1 million. The team options cover Davis' final arbitration year and his first two years of free agency.

Davis, 25, was 12-10 with a 4.07 ERA last year and finished fourth in AL Rookie of the Year voting. He was with the Biscuits in 2007-08.

Unofficial higher-level workout roster

By checking this morning's workout, it appears there are 28 players with Triple-A and 34 with Double-A. There were releases today, and I'm hoping to receive an updated roster. Of course, I may have missed some, but here's who I saw ...

Pitchers -- Baker, Bootcheck, Cobb, De La Rosa, Richard De Los Santos, Delaney, Ekstrom, Gomes, Gonzalez, Hall, Hayhurst, Swindle, Torres, Wade
Catchers -- Albernaz, Ashley, Chirinos, Lobaton
Infielders -- Canzler, Carter, Furmaniak, Kotchman, Lopez, Olmedo
Outfielders -- Anderson, Guyer, Jennings, Ruggiano

Pitchers -- Andujar, Archer, Barnese, Bush, Cruz, Frank De Los Santos, Dyer, Espinosa, Fleming, Moore, Newmann, Phillips, Quate, Reid, Satow, Schenk
Catchers -- Jefferies, Vogt, Wendt
Infielders -- Beckham, Cipriano, Davis, Hall, Luna, Mayora, Sexton, Sheridan, Sweeney
Outfielders -- Biell, Fronk, Nommensen, Shelby

Shelby quickly reaches Tampa Bay camp

John Shelby III is present and accounted for in Tampa Bay's minor league spring camp. He's wearing No. 18, though he doesn't have his name on the back of his jersey like the other campers. Of course, Shelby will only wear that uniform until Sunday before heading north to Montgomery.

Thursday lineups

It's the Rays vs. Orioles today with the higher-level games in Port Charlotte and the Class A's in Sarasota.

Guyer cf
Olmedo ss
Lopez dh
Kotchman 1b
Chirinos c (Lobaton in 6th)
Carter rf
Canzler 3b
Anderson lf
Furmaniak 2b
Sweeney dh

Nommensen lf (Kang in 7th)
Beckham ss (Hall in 8th)
Vogt c (Jefferies in 7th)
Mayora 3b (dh in 6th)
Fronk rf
Cipriano dh
Sheridan 1b
Luna 2b
Biell cf
Sexton dh (3b in 6th)

Murrill cf
Lee ss (Estrada in 7th)
Tinoco 1b
Wunderlich dh
Segovia dh
Scelfo 3b
Guillen lf (Bryles in 6th)
Thomas c (Acosta in 7th)
Cohen rf
Bortnick 2b (Price in 7th)

Kiermaier cf (Dixon in 7th)
Guevara 2b (Luis in 7th)
Dietrich ss (Querecuto in 7th)
Schwaner 3b
Bailey c (Depew in 7th)
Holloway dh
Malm 1b
Glaesmann rf
Rogers lf
Vettleson dh

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday games

Check back here for anything that grabs my attention from today's Triple-A/Double-A games between the Rays and Twins.

It's Joe Cruz starting in Double-A and Dirk Hayhurst in Triple-A. Paul Phillips and Neil Schenk are due up (maybe more) in Double-A.

Vicious wind today, too. Games are on opposite -- not adjacent -- fields. Wind going out to right in Trips and in from right on Dubs.

6 minutes in: Twins double and homer in the first in Triple-A. Cruz goes in order in Double-A. There is an extended/rehab intrasquad game, too (wind in from left). O'Connor, O'Malley and Velasquez are names I've seen so far. It's Jensen vs. James on the mound.
26: Vettleson with an opposite-field triple into the wind in the extended/rehab game.
51: Just witnessed my first bench warning for inside pitches in a spring minors game. Beckham was hit with a pitch in his first at-bat after a Twin was hurt going into second. Beckham's throw to first squarely hit the Twin in the face or neck *hand*.
1:01: Andujar replaces Cruz, who looked good when I watched. He went four shutout innings. Cruz seems bigger than 6-3, 226, at least from a distance.
1:38: Had to peel off to talk to Justin Woodall and Scott Shuman and just getting back. Andujar is still on the Dub mound.
1:53: In Trips, Carter doubles to score Ashley, thrown out trying for a triple. Gomes was on the mound for the Rays, but Wade is coming in.
2:11: I don't know how many innings Phillips pitched in Double-A, but his final inning included a homer, a double and a wild pitch. Schenk is in now.
2:24: Kang hits an opposite-field homer. Rays up 5-2 in Dubs.
2:27: Kang HR was in extra time. Rays won 4-2, but the Twins had another pitcher.
2:49: Triple-A ended in a tie. Gomes retired eight of the nine batters he faced. Carter hit two doubles.

K king Moore, sans bone chip, excited about year

Matt Moore has won two straight minor league strikeout titles. Imagine how he'll do that he feels better after having a bone chip removed.

"I'm very excited," Moore said. "So far, the spring is going well and I'm going to try to carry it into the season."

The 21-year-old left-hander had a bone chip removed in October and says he feels great now. The bone chip had pestered him the last two years, though not enough to keep him from pitching.

"It never hurt me bad enough that I didn't want to throw," Moore said. "I guess I built a tolerance to it and almost expected it every day."

Moore, Montgomery's Opening Day starter, has gotten off to shaky starts the last two seasons, something he hopes to avoid this year.

Moore was 0-6 with a 6.63 ERA in his first 11 starts last year at high-Class A Charlotte. Over his final 15, he was 6-5 with a 1.79 ERA. Moore totaled 208 strikeouts.

In 2009 at low-Class A Bowling Green, he was 2-2 with a 4.33 ERA at the end of May. From there, he was 6-3 with a 2.67. Moore totaled 176 strikeouts.

"It was disappointing, but at the same time I understand you have to go through experiences like that," Moore said. "When I was 0-2, 0-3 (last year), I said I was going to rattle one off, but it seemed like one inning would get me."

Wednesday lineups

It's Rays vs. Twins today with the higher levels in Port Charlotte and the Class A's in Fort Myers.

Jennings cf
Ruggiano rf
Lopez 3b
Kotchman 1b
Ashley c
Carter lf
Guyer dh
Canzler dh
Furmaniak ss
Mayora 2b

Nommensen rf
Beckham ss
Vogt dh
Sweeney dh (1b in 6th)
Figueroa 2b
Sexton 3b (Cipriano in 6th)
Sheridan 1b (dh in 6th)
Kang lf (Cohan in 6th)
Jefferies c (Wendt in 7th)
Biell cf

Lee ss (Estrada in 8th)
Price 3b
Bortnick 2b (Gonzalez in 8th)
Wunderlich 1b
Thomas c (Acosta in 7th)
Segovia dh
Guillen lf
Bryles rf
Sale dh
Dixon cf

Kiermaier cf
Guevara 2b (Luis in 8th)
Dietrich ss (Querecuto in 8th)
Schwaner dh
Bailey c (Holloway in 6th)
Glaesmann rf
Tinoco 3b
Malm 1b
Rogers lf
Depew dh

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring rolling through Red Sox camp

Talked to former Biscuits catcher Matt Spring today. He's a budding Boston minor leaguer with hopes of making the Triple-A Pawtucket roster, though he's also realistic.

“We’ll see how it all plays out,” Spring said. “Wherever they tell me to drive, I’ll drive.”

Spring, with the Biscuits for at least parts of the last four seasons, was a free agent after last year. He signed with Boston on the second day of spring camp.

Shelby to be in center for Biscuits?

John Shelby III has been traded from the Chicago White Sox to the Tampa Bay Rays and, based on his level and performance last season, should be headed to the Biscuits.

Shelby was traded for future considerations, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The 25-year-old is entering his sixth professional season and hit .249 with 63 runs, 11 home runs and 43 RBIs in 111 games last year for the Birmingham Barons. He has a .273 career average.

With Isaias Velazquez (unknown) and Emeel Salem (knee) currently nursing injuries and not expected to break camp on time, the Rays needed a potential Double-A center fielder.

Shelby is the son of 11-year major leaguer John Shelby, who was nicknamed T-bone. Shelby III is known as Trey-bone.

UPDATE:Velazquez has a shoulder injury.

Tuesday game thread

Check back here for anything noteworthy from the Triple-A and Double-A games against the Red Sox.

The Double-A pitching dance card is Chris Archer followed by Sergio Espinosa, Jeremy Hall and Ryan Reid.

In Triple-A, Alex Torres is starting. I see Mike Ekstrom, Chris Bootcheck and R.J. Swindle in uniform. There could be others.

45 minutes in: Dual shutout. Trips through 3. Dubs through 2.
46: Yep, a whammy. Olmedo doubled in Ruggiano in Trips. Rays had the bases loaded and one out in Dubs. Guyer struck out and Vogt flied out.
57: Sox up 2-0 in Dubs. Archer gives up consecutive RBI hits after a missed out. A runner stealing second should have been out. Instead, he went to third on an error. Vogt's throw appeared on target.
1:11: Torres just lost his shutout when he served up a home run to Linares. Rays lead 2-1. This will be Torres' last inning.
1:44: Double-A Rays just scored on an infield popup. Sox middle infielders both repeatedly screamed for the ball, hit each other and dropped it. Rays' first run scored on a wild pitch to Vogt, who soon walked. Sox up 3-2.
1:51: Nommensen makes a diving catch to save a run.
1:58: Jennings moved over to the Double-A game. He beat a potential double-play grounder and Matt Hall scored from second. (Who knew that Alabama and Auburn people could work together?)
2:08: Bootcheck gives up two-run double in eighth and Triple-A Sox lead 4-2. Bootcheck didn't get a strike call earlier in the count and showed some frustration.
2:20: Double-A Sox score once in the eighth on Reid for a 4-3 lead. Triple-A Sox added at least one more in the eighth against Bootcheck.
2:40: Sox win both, 4-2 in Dubs and 6-2 in Trips.

Tuesday lineups

Little late with these today. Apologies. Had a last chance at the major leaguers and caught up with John Jaso. Look for that in the paper later in the week (maybe even Wednesday).

The major leaguers are playing the Red Sox in Fort Myers today. The minor leaguers are also facing Boston folks with the higher levels in Fort Myers -- thankfully at a separate complex -- and the Class A's in Port Charlotte.

Jennings cf
Ruggiano rf
Lopez 3b
Carter 1b
Chirinos dh
Anderson lf
Canzler dh
Lobaton c
Olmedo ss
Luna 2b
Mayora, Albernaz, Guyer on bench

Nommensen cf
Beckham ss
Guyer dh
Vogt c (Wendt in 7th)
Sweeney 1b
Figueroa 2b (dh in 6th)
Cipriano 3b (Davis in 6th)
Fronk rf
Kang lf (Cohen in 6th)
Hall dh (2b in 6th)

Lee ss (dh in 6th)
Murrill cf
Wunderlich 1b
Acosta c (Segovia in 7th)
Scelfo 3b (Price in 6th)
Thomas dh
Bortnick 2b (Lawson in 7th)
Bryles rf
Guilllen lf (Jones in 6th)
Estrada dh (ss in 6th)

Querecuto dh (ss in 6th)
Guevara 2b
Dietrich ss (dh in 6th)
Schwaner 3b
Bailey c (Holloway in 6th)
Malm 1b
Glaesmann cf
Tinoco lf
Rogers dh
Fogle rf (Diaz in 6th)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Kline still hopeful to have impactful career

Rays minor league pitcher Will Kline remains optimistic that he can still have a successful career, though he's missed the last three seasons with injuries.

"Baseball is still a game to me and I want to play again. I want to compete," Kline said. "I'm still battling issues, but I'm still putting the glove on every day. I love this organization and I've made a lot of good friends here. As long as they keep me around, I'll keep plugging along."

After reporting to camp feeling "great," Kline is again trying to work his way into game shape. He suffered a "minor setback" in his third throwing session this spring and felt something in his shoulder.

"Here we go again as far as slowing down," Kline said.

He's scheduled to throw a 25-pitch, fastball-only session this week. Kline was a second-round draft pick in 2007 out of Ole Miss and made nine starts that summer at low-Class A. He's yet to pitch again.

"I've been so hit or miss," Kline said. "When I'm hitting, it's like, 'OK, let's go.' When I'm missing, it seems like I miss three weeks here and there. I look up in late July and Kline is still in extended spring or the rehab program."

Moore with four no-hit innings

Matt Moore had a "decent" start Monday, throwing four no-hit innings and striking out 10 in an intrasquad game.

The Triple-A guys only put two balls in play: a Desmond Jennings flyout in the first and a Justin Ruggiano groundout in the fourth. Moore walked one.

No O's; intrasquad instead

Due to wet conditions in Sarasota, the O's-Rays minor league games have been canceled. The Rays will play intrasquad games instead.

Monday lineups

Woke up to a steady rain this morning and the skies are still overcast. Since the Rays have had idyllic spring weather to this point, one bigwig has playfully accused me of bringing the showers with me.

The Rays play the Orioles in minor league exhibitions today (weather permitting, of course). The higher levels travel to Sarasota and the Class A's are in Port Charlotte. With the major leaguers around for just today, I may skip the Sarasota trip to get the few of those guys I still need.

Jennings cf
Ruggiano rf
Lopez 3b
Kotchman 1b
Chirinos c
Carter lf
Guyer dh
Canzler dh
Furmaniak 2b
Olmedo ss
Anderson, Mayora, Lobaton on the bench

Nommensen, rf
Beckham ss
Vogt c (Jefferies in the 7th)
Sweeney dh (1b in the 6th)
Figueroa 2b
Cipriano 3b (Sexton 6th)
Sheridan 1b (dh in 6th)
Kand lf (Cohen in 6th)
Biell cf
Davis dh

Lee ss (Estrada in the 7th)
Bortnick 2b (Lawson in 7th)
Wunderlich 1b
Thomas c (Segovia in 7th)
Morrison cf
Guillen dh (lf in 6th)
Price 3b
Bryles rf
Jones lf (dh in 6th)
Acosta dh

Kiermaier cf
Guevara 2b (Luis in the 7th)
Dietrich ss (Querecuto in 7th)
Schwaner 3b (dh in 6th)
Bailey c (Holloway in 6th)
Malm 1b
Glaesmann rf
Rogers lf (Fogle in 7th)
Depew dh
Tinoco dh (3b in 6th)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rays trade Inglett for player to be named

Utilityman Joe Inglett, a non-roster invitee to Tampa Bay's camp this spring, has been traded to the Houston Astros for a player to be named. He was just demoted from major league camp Saturday. The 32-year-old is a five-year major leaguer with a .286 career average. Inglett hit .208 in 19 games this spring.

Cobb leaves early with blister

Camp day today, so the Rays split up for intrasquad games. The Double-As and Triple-As tied their six-inning tilt.

Triple-A starter Alex Cobb left early with a blister on his finger, but he should be OK. Double-A starter Nick Barnese looked solid. There was one first-and-second, no-out situation he escaped with a foul fly and two grounders.

Don't put too much stock in this, but here were the position players ...

TRIPLE-A -- C Jake Jefferies, 1B Mike Sheridan, 2B Omar Luna, 3B Cody Cipriano, SS J.J. Furmaniak, LF Kyeong Kang, CF Dustin Biell, RF Reid Fronk

DOUBLE-A -- C Alejandro Segovia, 1B Matt Sweeney, 2B Anthony Scelfo, 3B Greg Sexton, SS Matt Hall, LF Cody Robers, CF Chris Murrill, RF Gabe Cohen

There were two other games, but I focused on the Double-A/Triple-A. I did see Paul Phillips in a Class A game. Also, Jason McEachern started for one Class A team and seemed pleased with his outing.

Archer to Biscuits; Moore to start opener

Chris Archer is headed to the Biscuits and Matt Moore, already expected to go to Montgomery, will start the season opener April 7.

Archer came to the Rays in an offseason trade from the Cubs. The right-hander was 8-2 with a 1.80 ERA in 13 starts for the Tennessee Smokies last season, including two wins over the Biscuits in which he didn't allow an earned run.

Moore, a left-hander, has led the minor leagues in strikeouts in each of the last two seasons.

Roster changes on (my) first morning of camp

Right-hander Justin Garcia, who pitched in 18 games for the Biscuits last season, is among seven players no longer on Tampa Bay's minor league roster.

The roster is dated Thursday -- two days after the roster listed below -- and there could be additional moves that have already been made. The Rays on Saturday sent some players from major league to minor league camp, including catcher Craig Albernaz. Those names aren't on the minor league roster yet.


Jonah Bayliss

Aaron Dott

Justin Garcia

Jake Sullivan

Chris Bootcheck

Mike Eckstrom

R.J. Swindle


Seth Henry

Kyle Lusson

Friday, March 25, 2011

Biscuits open single-game ticket sales

The team's ticket office will open at 10 a.m. Saturday and start selling single-game ducats for the 2011 season.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grady's Wright, 2 former Biscuits to minors

Left-handed pitcher Wesley Wright, the Grady native, was optioned to the minor leagues today by the Houston Astros. He had a 9.00 ERA in eight spring innings.

Two former Biscuits also moved out of major league camps. Outfielder Fernando Perez was optioned to the minors by the Chicago Cubs. Catcher Robinson Cancel was reassigned to the minors by the Astros.

Auburn's Gabe Gross was reassigned to Seattle's minor leagues Wednesday.

(What's the difference in being "optioned" and "reassigned"? Optioned means the player is on the 40-man roster.)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tampa Bay minor league spring roster

I hope you'll forgive my football-mushed mind while I try to transition into baseball. Driving all day Saturday and scheduled to report to camp Sunday, but here's something to get things going.

It's Tampa Bay's minor league camp roster -- dated Tuesday -- with 78 pitchers, 19 catchers, 36 infielders and 24 outfielders.

This will not include those souls still in major league camp. Unless I immediately remembered that the player goes by another name, I used the name listed on the roster. (They mostly go with full first names. Ex: Nicholas Barnese, Alexander Torres, etc.) And I blame any typos on football OD and Emeel Salem.

Wilmer Almonte
Chris Andujar
Chris Archer
Brian Baker
Nick Barnese
Jonah Bayliss
Andrew Bellatti
Omar Bencomo
Justin Betts-Robinson
Matt Bush
Alex Cobb
Alex Colome
Joseph Cruz
Dane De La Rosa
Frank De Los Santos
Richard De Los Santos
Robert Dickmann
Aaron Dott
Shane Dyer
Sergio Espinosa
Ryan Fleckenstein
Marquis Fleming
Justin Garcia
Nathan Garcia
Brandon Gomes
Edgar Gonzalez
Jesse Hahn
Jeremy Hall
Justin Hall
Dirk Hayhurst
Brandon Henderson
James Hill
Stephen Hiscock
Austin Hubbard
Kevin James
Mickey Jannis
Michael Jarman
George Jensen
Marcus Jensen
Daniel Johnson
Ken Kelly
Ian Kendall
Will Kline
Alex Koronis
Braulio Lara
Adam Liberatore
Kyle Lobstein
Parker Markei
Victor Mateo
Deivis Mavarez
Jason McEachern
shane Minks
Matt Moore
David Newmann
Ricky Orta
Jacob Partridge
James Patterson
Paul Phillips
Zach Quate
Chris Rearick
Ryan Reid
Charles Riefenhauser
Wilking Rodriguez
Enny Romero
Josh Satow
Neil Schenk
Trevor Shull
Scott Shuman
Matt Spann
Matt Stabelfeld
Albert Suarez
Eliazer Suero
Jake Sullivan
Matt Swilley
Jacob Thompson
Alex Torres
Justin Woodall
Kirby Yates

Mayobanex Acosta
Nevin Ashley
Luke Bailey
Tanner Biagini
Keith Castillo
Robinson Chirinos
Jacob DePew
Tomas Francisco
Kyle Holloway
Jacob Jefferies
Omar Narvaez
Justin O'Conner
Gerardo Olivares
Junior Rodriguez
Alejandro Segovia
Mark Thomas
Alejandro Torres
Stephen Vogt
David Wendt

Tim Beckham
Tyler Bortnick
Ryan Brett
Russ Canzler
Julio Cedeno
Cody Cipriano
Bennett Davis
Derek Dietrich
Robinson Estrada
Cole Figueroa
Travis Flores
J.J. Furmaniak
Felix Gonzalez
Hector Guevara
Matthew Hall
Seth Henry
Scott Lawson
Hak-Ju Lee
Diogenes Luis
Omar Luna
Kyle Lusson
Jeff Malm
Daniel Mayora
Julian Morillo
Shawn O'Malley
Robby Price
Juniel Querecuto
Leonardo Reginatto
Anthony Scelfo
Nicholas Schwaner
Greg Sexton
Michael Sheridan
Matthew Sweeney
Steven Tinoco
Henry Wrigley
Philip Wunderlich

Dustin Biell
Brian Bryles
Gabe Cohen
Alex Diaz
Deshun Dixon
Bryan Fogle
Reid Fronk
Todd Glaesmann
Cesar Guillen
Brandon Guyer
Desmond Jennings
D.J. Jones
Kyeong Kang
Kevin Kiermaier
John Matulia
Lucas Montero
Ty Morrison
Chris Murrill
Brett Nommensen
Cody Rogers
Josh Sale
Emeel Salem
Isaias Velasquez
Drew Vettleson

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring to BoSox; X's Huskies pick up first win

Former Biscuits catcher Matt Spring, a free agent after last season, has hooked on with the Boston Red Sox. He was a late addition to Boston's minor league camp.

Former Biscuits pitching coach Xavier Hernandez, now the first-year pitching coach at Houston Baptist, celebrated a win tonight. The Huskies picked a goodie to win, beating No. 7 Texas Christian 8-4.

Lastly, the blog will start warming up in two weeks, BUT there will be nothing over the next week. I am off and won't be allowed to post any information until March 20, at the earliest.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Dukes back in the news

The latest on former Biscuit Elijah Dukes, from the AP ...

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say former major leaguer Elijah Dukes is being held in a Florida jail after his pregnant ex-girlfriend accused him of slapping her in the face during an argument.

Hillsborough County Jail records show Dukes was being held without bond Thursday after his arrest a day earlier on charges of aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and driving with a revoked or suspended license. He also had been wanted on a contempt of court warrant

A sheriff’s office report said the ex-girlfriend told deputies Dukes slapped her in the face several times.

Dukes began his career with the Tampa Bay Rays and was traded to the Washington Nationals in 2008. He was released before the 2010 season.

Jail records did not indicate if Dukes had an attorney. Attorney Grady Irvin Jr. says he no longer represents Dukes.