Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cantu to be 100th Biscuit

Someone e-mailed me about this a few weeks ago when Rocco Baldelli was supposed to come to Montgomery (but didn't).

Now, the honor will fall to Jorge Cantu.

Cantu will be the 100th player to don a Montgomery Biscuits uniform.

I wish I could give the person credit -- they had a sweet spreadsheet with all the players -- but the e-mail somehow was deleted from my system and my frail memory doesn't help.

Cantu gets here Monday, so if you're out there ...

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Stacy Long said...

Brent Smeltzer gets the credit for the list of former Biscuits.

Brent also found Original Biscuit catcher Robinson Cancel -- he's with Edinburg in the independent United League.