Saturday, January 01, 2011

Feliz Ano Nuevo, mi amigos

Greetings and salutations over the new year. Figured I'd share the third annual statistical haul from 2010 -- mainly for my own personal amusement.

799 Biscuits blog posts (744 in 2009, 561 in 2008)
513 stories/briefs, etc. (518 in 2009, 464 the year before)
339 Alabama blog posts (0 and 0 since this was my first season with that task)

Currently in Orlando for Alabama's bowl game with Michigan State. Just outside the stadium is the old Tinker Field. It may be in worse shape than Paterson.


blog for steveLi said...

Love the award for Best Podcast Blog. Don't get me wrong I listen to the Jones every day - but is there even another NBA Podcast Blog out there?

Also B. Shoals should be awarded with Best Most Difficult To Grasp Existentially electronics

Kevin G said...

Hey Stacy

Any idea if you'll be headed down to Port Charlotte for spring training in March this year? Love all the info you dig up down there!

Looking forward to another great year of Biscuits coverage

Stacy Long said...

I was told to make reservations, so spring training (as of now) looks like a "go." The regular season hasn't been addressed, so I don't know. Thanks for the compliments.