Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl commercial reviews

Today is the last football I'll have to worry about for at least three weeks. Might as well try to have a little fun with it.

FINAL: Packers 31, Steelers 25
My best headline idea -- Six-cess: Packers, in playoffs as 6 seed, win Super Bowl

Favorite commercials
1. Darth Vader
2. GoDaddy jawdropper
3. Doritos fish feed, urn


Bud Light kitchen renovations -- expected more from the leadoff spot
Doritos dog bait -- predictable
Audi jail break -- Kenny G cameo gets thumbs up

Doritos finger/pants lick -- sick, thought that when I first saw it on a Super Bowl commercial preview video (how long 'til Darth Vader?)
Chevy rest home -- meh
Pepsi Max -- another one I saw recently
THIRD BREAK, Packers timeout

Bud Light pirates product placement -- a little overboard
Chevy Jonah, volcano, etc. -- liked the Morse code
Fast & Furious -- what happened to Vin Diesel's career?

Pepsi Max groin and head shot -- surprise ending
Doritos fish feed, urn -- best one so far
Hyundai -- yawn
FIFTH BREAK, after kickoff

Cowboys & Aliens -- Daniel Craig ranks above Harrison Ford?!?!?!
Kia Optima -- so that's what trips the Mayan calendar?
SIXTH BREAK, after Packers INT TD

Brisk's Eminem claymation -- as a group, this is not looking like a vintage year
SEVENTH BREAK, end of first quarter
Bridgestone e-mail-gate -- shrugging shoulders
Chevy electric car -- foxy
GoDaddy -- Danica Patrick passes the torch and it's my first laugh
EIGHTH BREAK, after Steelers FG
Budweiser -- I don't care what they think of Tony Danza
Teleflora -- talk about uncomfortable
Transformers -- will it suffer without Megan Fox?
NINTH BREAK, after kickoff
BMW X3 -- blah
Motorola Xoom -- minimalist style catching on?
BMW diesel -- cha-, cha-, cha- change these commercials
Coke -- where might I buy me some fire-breathing dragon?
Thor -- if I see it, it may be only because of Natalie Portman
VW DARTH VADER -- YES!!!!! But that was a shorter version than I've seen
11TH BREAK, Steelers timeout
Snickers -- Roseanne, your face has hurt me each time I've seen it
Career builder -- no comment
Super 8 movie -- J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg teaming up? I'm there
12TH BREAK, two-minute warning
Chevy Facebook updates -- blah
Captain America movie -- sure it will be a big hit
Castrol oil -- yawn
Carmax -- liked it, felt like a sumo wrestler at a buffet line
sitting out from here through the second-half kickoff
13TH IN-GAME BREAK, Packers punt taste tester -- another dud talking babies -- I expected better
Best Buy -- old musician attempts joke about child musician, fails
14TH BREAK, Steelers TD
Pirates of the Caribbean -- sure it will be a big hit
Mini-car -- again, underwhelming -- another that should have gone early
15TH BREAK, Packers punt (and internet troubles)
Hyundai -- sure it looked great on a big screen
Groupon Tibet -- safe bet the Chinese government blocks that one
Coke -- wars have broken out over less
16TH BREAK, somebody's timeout
some adult beverage with the "Pianist" actor -- boring
Carmax -- ho-hum
missed it -- honestly didn't notice who the advertiser was
17TH BREAK, Steelers missed FG
Chrysler -- liked it and now we know Detroit is a blossoming oasis, despite what the media says
18TH BREAK, end of third quarter
NFL -- Happy Days are here again
local ads after that
19TH BREAK, Packers TD (28-17)
an animated movie -- thusly eliminated -- talking cars? how original
Bud -- the growling dog chef was a goodie
20TH BREAK, after kickoff
Hyundai -- what, nobody reading a newspaper?
Pepsi -- no comment
an animated movie -- and, again, thusly eliminated
21ST BREAK, Steelers TD (28-25)
Bridgestone -- nice beaver
GoDaddy -- that was a jawdropper
VW Beetle -- still distracted by thought of GoDaddy ad
22ND BREAK, after kickoff
Mercedes -- cars of the world, unite
House show ad -- special mention of tribute to the Mean Joe Greene classic
23RD BREAK, Packers FG (31-25)
Chevy -- a female Jack Bauer
Verizon -- yawn
24TH BREAK, two-minute warning (could be a classic finish)
Limitless -- I see too many movies
Shape-ups -- Kim Kardashian shows off her best assets

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bamaroy said...

VW Beetle by a landslide,for me.