Sunday, April 09, 2006

Booster boost

The Biscuits Booster Club got off to a roaring start Sunday with its barbecue for the team. The players seemed to enjoy it. Most importantly, the boosters allowed the players to relax, enjoy themselves and eat.

Club president Barry Spink says he wants the club to help the players, not pester them. Players have told me that's been a problem for other booster clubs. They try to use their membership as a ticket to be every player's best friend.

The club is kind of in the same situation I'm in with the players. I have to be around, but I don't want to be around so much that I'm a nuisance (though all sports writers are nuisances to some players, no matter what).

The club has started helping players. Barry said he's scouting a few fishing holes for them. Boosters are set up to meet a player's friends and family at the airport, if the player can't be there. Spanish-speaking players and their families are being helped by bilingual club members.

It's a strong beginning.

If you're interested, club membership is $10 for an individual and $15 for a family. For more information, write Spink at the club's address: P.O. Box 2182, Montgomery, Ala., 36102.

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