Sunday, May 21, 2006

Well, I messed up Saturday night and believed the box score listed on Due to my goof, you read an error in Sunday's paper.

Brian Henderson pitched 3 1/3 shutout innings in the Biscuits' win Saturday night at Birmingham, according to the box score available at just after the game.

Too bad he pitched 2 1/3, which fixed, but too late for our recap of the game.

Game ended at 10:28 p.m., barely 20 minutes before we had to have our first edition finished. We got the box score in for second edition, which includes the amendment.

Jeff Ridgway threw the other inning.

And Henderson's ERA this season, which listed as 0.50 after his 3 1/3, is actually 0.53 after his 2 1/3, according to the corrected box score.

Sure, it's a small change, but I try to be accurate and sometimes have to be accurate just as the game ends.



Bubba-36109 said...

Stacy, wrong again last nights game, Elliot Johnson was ejected instead of Aneudi Cuevas. Here is an excerpt from the log which also is wrong
Mobile Bottom 4th

Montgomery Biscuits third baseman Aneudi Cuevas ejected by HP umpire HP Umpire.
Defensive Substitution: Aneudi Cuevas replaces second baseman Elliot Johnson, batting 1st.
Montgomery Biscuits Batting Coach Mako Oliveras ejected by HP umpire HP Umpire.
Michael Johnson strikes out swinging.
Stephen Smitherman strikes out swinging.
Vince Sinisi lines out to right fielder Jeremy Owens.

Stacy Long said...

Charlie Montoyo got the boot Saturday in Birmingham, now Oliveras and Johnson get one, too.

Biscuits are heating up, both in their play and their emotions.

(I guess we should start putting an "according to minor league baseball as of XX:XX p.m." on the box scores.)

Bubba-36109 said...

I agree....