Thursday, April 10, 2008

New link to new blog

I've moved --

And I bid a tearful adieu to blogger.

I like blogger, but the folk want the hits to go to They particularly came to this conclusion after us sports people started teasing to the blogs directly here at blogger. At least with the link above, you won't have to go on safari to find my crumby blog.

Also, highly recommended ...
The Hottest Auburn Blog on the Net, by Jay G. Tate --

No www's required.

Ah, the memories: Being able to put obscure, overly dramatic historical references to describe a mere football game (see November 2007) (and thanks again, Nick Saban), having too many Devil Rays tell me the blog has become required reading, reading the quiz guesses from the Charlie Montoyo figurine (see May 2007), using the same photo of the mayor (left) whenever possible, and, of course, the Super Bowl commercials from February, particularly Summer Glau (right). And the Terminator show is pretty good, if you missed it.

I almost forgot the repeated Chris Mason references.