Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Special section finished; go buy a copy

The annual Biscuits preseason special section is finally finished. Look for the 24-page tabloid in Thursday's edition of the Advertiser and see what all I screwed up. Those of you outside the circulation area are excused from purchasing, but you should be able to see all the stories at

Oh, and they're forcing us to change our blogs and we're going away from blogspot. Our newly designed site currently includes the Clarion-Ledger's Mississippi State writer's blog, which is a good read, but none of the Montgomery sports blogs.

I'll post a link here when I get one. Until then, I'll likely post to both places. (We'll see if the bells and whistles you've become accustomed to here will be available over there.)

Here's the Biscuits' lineup for Thursday. (*--Subject to change.)
Rashad Eldridge, cf
Johnny Raburn, dh
John Jaso, c
Chris Nowak, 3b
Rhyne Hughes, 1b
Sergio Pedroza, rf
Gabriel Martinez, lf
Ronnie Merrill, ss
Josh Asanovich, 2b
Jake McGee, lhp


Brent said...

Who picked the all-time Biscuits team in the special section? I take great exception to picking Christianson in 2006, with his .195 batting avg over Jaso in 2007. And really, Pridie over Perez last year???

Stacy Long said...

That would be me. =)

Christianson's defense is a great improvement over Jaso, who did much of his work as the DH.

Perez didn't play left field last year, so he wasn't considered for the left-field spot.