Saturday, November 08, 2008

Greetings from Red Stick

Greetings and salutations from the best football stadium in the Southeastern Conference, Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, La. I'm here to cover the Alabama-LSU game, so you may see a few periodic updates from time to time.

This is my first trip here since my old friend, Mike V, retired. Mike V was a native Alabamian (believe it or not) and I did a story on his old home many years ago. The people at the park where Mike V was raised originally named him Booger.

Unfortunately, today's game is a day game. A night game here is a moving experience.

There are rumors that the LSU faithful won't extend a gracious welcome to Alabama coach Nick Saban, who abandoned them for the NFL, struggled there and turned up at one of LSU's chief rivals.

I had hoped to track down some of the infamous Brignac family jambalaya before kickoff, but traffic was worse than usual. If I learn that former Biscuits shortstop Reid Brignac, his family and a large pot of that tasty dish are nearby, I'm going to be upset.

1:54 p.m.: Saban has successfully entered the field. One Baton Rouge apartment complex had a Burn Bama bonfire and included the phrase "Welcome back, Nick" on its advertisement.

2:04: Mike VI did make it today and there was concern he wouldn't. Mike skipped LSU's last two home games.

2:08: Man, I really wish this game was at night. Many LSU fans may think it is. I'd guess the stadium is a little more than half full, though these dang Cajuns can really make some noise.

2:11: LSU just read the SEC sportsmanship policy and reminded everyone to be nice to each other, not throw things, etc. I'm sure that will be followed to the letter.

2:22: The LSU band marches out for the pregame show. This and T.J. Ribs are the only things I looked forward to on the trip.

2:23: Chillbumps.

2:43: The fumble-at-the-goal line play was excellent in so many ways. Great effort by the Alabama QB to throw the pass, great effort by the receiver to get to the goal line, great effort by the LSU guy to knock the ball out.

2:55: Since John Parker Wilson taunted LSU fans with a hand/phone gesture, I wonder if LSU fans got his number and called him this week. It's not like that hasn't happened before.

4:21: Yawn. This is my first look at Alabama. I thought they were supposed to be the No. 1 team in the country. If so, it's a weak year for college football.

5:24: They've announced that it's officially Saturday night now. That's supposed to bode well for the Tigers. The energy in this place jumped a little.

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