Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Price not on this list of top Rays prospects

I wager a hefty sum that you are looking at the only Rays top prospects list that does not have left-handed pitcher David Price at No. 1.

Baseball America is scheduled to release its Top 25 Rays prospects this week. (Heck, it might be today. (Heck, it might already be out.)) Well, here’s my list of the Top 30 Rays prospects ... not named David Price.

Just like last year, I warn that this is likely skewed toward the players already at the higher levels because I've seen those guys play more.

EDITED to add Matt Moore and delete Maiko Loyola, who I had 23rd.

TOP 30* (last year's ranking)
1. RHP Wade Davis (3) -- has nasty disposition toward hitters
2. SS Reid Brignac (9) -- made major strides defensively in ‘08
3. RHP Jeremy Hellickson (6) -- Rays ending kid-glove treatment
4. CF Fernando Perez (5) -- should be considered for Rays’ needs in right
5. SS Tim Beckham (NR) -- struggled on field in debut season, boomed late

6. RHP Jeff Niemann (8) -- out of minor-league options
7. LHP Jake McGee (2) -- will take 40-man slot despite Tommy John surgery
8. C John Jaso (10) -- still needs work on defense, particularly pitch selection
9. RHP Mitch Talbot (16) -- won 13 with 4-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio
10. RHP Eduardo Morlan (12) -- injuries limited him to just 47 innings

11. CF Desmond Jennings (7) -- back, shoulder woes made for disappointing 2008
12. RHP Nick Barnese (20) -- New York-Penn hitters squirmed to a .212 average
13. LF Reid Fronk (19) -- will power numbers convert to Florida State League?
14. LHP Matt Moore -- reason I originally left him out: braincramp
15. RHP Heath Rollins (14) -- 3.30 ERA but 5-11 record for wretched Vero Beach

16. RHP Ryan Reid (NR) -- 31 walks in 46.1 Biscuits innings; 20 prior in career
17. LHP James Houser (18) -- tantalizingly effective ... when healthy
18. RHP Alex Cobb (NR) -- 16 gopher balls, 16 hit batsmen, yet still 3.29 ERA
19. RHP Chris Mason (11) -- Triple-A piƱata (6.21 ERA, .333 average against)
20. 1B Rhyne Hughes (29) -- OK in regular season; stellar in Arizona Fall League

21. 2B Elias Otero (NR) -- .332 batting average, nice .932 OPS
22. RHP Dale Thayer (26) -- more good numbers, another year in age
23. RHP Tyree Hayes (25) -- despite woeful season debut, had 3.39 ERA at HV
24. RF Ryan Royster (13) -- system Triple Crown numbers didn’t convert to FSL
25. RHP Jesse Darcy (NR) -- strong finish; 3.05 ERA, 15 walks in 133 innings

26. 1B Chris Nowak (NR) -- set career high with 15 home runs
27. 2B Elliot Johnson (30) -- spring sensation hit .261 at Durham
28. CF Emeel Salem (27) -- was close to Double-A jump until breaking elbow
29. RHP Jeremy Hall (NR) -- not overpowering numbers, except 10-3 record
30. C Nevin Ashley (15) -- lost 15 steals, seven triples off ’07

*--NOTE: These are the top 30 players ... not named David Price.

DROPPED OUT -- why he dropped
3B Evan Longoria (1) -- graduated, won AL Rookie of the Year
LHP David Price (4) -- well, he’s named David Price
?? Joel Guzman (17) -- now a minor-league free agent
LHP Brian Henderson (21) -- hit hard in short stay at Durham
RHP Matt Walker (22) -- drug suspension, poor stats sour status
RHP Josh Butler (23) -- traded to Brewers for Gabe Gross
OF Justin Ruggiano (24) -- not viable option to be Rays’ RF
LHP Mike Wlodarczyk (28) -- trying to convert into reliever


Robert Rittner said...

I am a bit surprised you do not include Matt Moore anywhere. I suppose it is because he is so low in the minors, but given his excellent performance and youth I thought he might be rated higher than some of the players who were higher up in the system but did rather poorly.

Riven G said...

Wasn't Maiko Loyola one of the players granted free agency by the organization?

Bubba-36109 said...

Free Agents
Tampa Bay Rays (22)
RHP: Steve Andrade (AA), Colter Bean (AA), Jeremy Cummings (AAA), Richard de los Santos (AA), Nick Debarr (AAA), Raul Guedez (VSL), Ben Hendrickson (AAA)
LHP: Jason Cromer (AA), Roger Deago (AA), Heath Phillips (AAA), Mike Prochaska (AA)
C: Hector Gimenez (Hi A), Josh Johnson (AAA)
1B: Gaby Martinez (AAA), Chris Richard (AAA)
3B: Joel Guzman (AAA), Victor Henriquez (DSL)
SS: Ronnie Merrill (AAA)
OF: Erold Andrus (AA), Maiko Loyola (Lo A), John Raburn (AA), Jon Weber (AAA)

Released: LHP Brian Henderson

Stacy Long said...

Yep, Matt Moore should be included. He's a lower-level guy who I forgot. I'd say he should be probably 10-15 and would bump out Ashley.

Kevin, I guess we'll have to take Bubba's word for Loyola. Thanks, Bubba, for filling us in.

On a side note, DeBarr was the only player to mention my rankings to me last year. He playfully did a little campaigning. We laughed about it.

Bubba-36109 said...

Minor League Free Agents Link