Sunday, February 08, 2009

BA: 3 of Rays' top 30 headed to Biscuits

The Baseball America prospect book arrived last week -- and I, shamefully, have been so busy with basketball that I'm just now opening it.

Here are the Top 30, with their projected 2009 teams:
1. LHP David Price, Durham or majors
2. SS Tim Beckham, Bowling Green
3. RHP Wade Davis, Durham
4. SS Reid Brignac, Durham
5. CF Desmond Jennings, Charlotte
6. LHP Matt Moore, Bowling Green
7. RHP Nick Barnese, Bowling Green
8. RHP Jeremy Hellickson, Fungumree
9. LHP Jake McGee, rehab program
10. RHP Jeff Niemann, majors (he's out of minor-league options)
11. LHP Kyle Lobstein, Princeton or GCL
12. RHP Albert Suarez, Hudson Valley
13. C John Jaso, Durham
14. CF Fernando Perez, majors (I say Durham)
15. RHP Heath Rollins, Fungumree
16. RHP Mitch Talbot, Durham
17. RHP Alex Cobb, Charlotte
18. C Jake Jefferies, Bowling Green
19. RF Ryan Royster, Fungumree
20. RF Reid Fronk, Charlotte
21. 1B Mike Sheridan, Bowling Green
22. RHP Chris Luck, Bowling Green
23. RHP Joe Cruz, Bowling Green
24. RHP Alex Colome, Hudson Valley or Bowling Green
25. C Mayobanex Acosta, Bowling Green
26. C Mike McCormick, Charlotte
27. OF K.D. Kang, Bowling Green
28. OF Ty Morrison, short-season team
29. RHP Jason McEachern, short-season team
30. SS Shawn O'Malley, BA isn't sure

31. RF Justin Ruggiano, BA doesn't say (I'll say Durham)
The magazine did a No. 31 prospect for those who ordered the book from them.\

Of course, feel free to compare and contrast with my list from almost three months ago. Obviously, we have different No. 1s.


Brent said...

Stacy -- Great information! I'm curious if the Gaby Martinez that Baseball America says signed with the Dodgers is our Gaby??

Bubba-36109 said...

Check, it is shows him on the Chattanooga Lookouts Roster.

afhra said...

Okay, I guess I'm not the sharpest knife in the box...the headline says "BA: 3 of Rays' top 30 headed to Biscuts", but as I look and study the list, there isn't one of the 31 players listed with Montgomery next to their name. What am I missing (I'm sure it's something....personality? Good looks? Money?)?

Brent said...

Thanks for the info on Gaby, Bubba!!

afhra -- Stacy, in his inimitable way, has listed Montgomery as "Fungumree". It takes quite a bit to get used to, and appreciate, his warped sense of humor!

rays3fan said...

Stacy--just wanted to point out to you in case you missed it while covering bball. Ruddy Lugo has signed with the Tigers and Barratt has been reinstated from the inactive list.

Bubba-36109 said...

Hey afhra! It is the one with Fungumree! That heading to Montgomery! Go figure, it must be a Stacy thing...

Bubba-36109 said...

Mun-GUM-reh for native Alabamians. Mont-GUM-ree for imports. I guess replace with Fun-GUM-ree? Huh?

afhra said... I do feel, shall we say, a little on the small side and red faced as I squeal in pain from the snake that just bit me...gosh, you'd think that I'd have learnt by now...

Lance Fischel said...

You dont think Desmond Jennings will start here? I was hoping.