Sunday, March 28, 2010

Niemann acknowledges SEC greatness

Rays pitcher Jeff "the SEC is overrated" Niemann actually complimented the conference, however slightly, before today's game with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

David Price was walking nearby when he was asked what team won last year's College World Series and to what conference that school belongs. Price, realizing the answers were LSU and the SEC, turned to Niemann and gave an "oh, yeah."

Niemann, to Price, about me: "Me and him have gone back and forth about this for years. I used to have more of an argument, but not the last few years."

Niemann, who didn't offer a defense for Rice's two-win football team, is pitching Monday night in Fort Myers against the Boston Red Sox and Josh Beckett. On Tuesday, Price said he's pitching in Fort Myers in a minor-league game against the Red Sox.

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