Monday, March 01, 2010

Tampa Bay's minor-league spring schedule

If you're headed down to spring training and want to catch some Tampa Bay minor-league games, here's the schedule.

More exactly, here is the Double- and Triple-A schedule. The Class A teams play the same teams on the same dates, but at the opposite camp.

Baltimore trains in Sarasota with the upper-level teams at Ed Smith Stadium and the lower levels at Twin Lakes Park. Boston and Minnesota have their camps in Fort Myers (Sox here and Twins here). The Rays, of course, are in Port Charlotte.

Minor-league spring training starts this week.

17 at Baltimore
18 Baltimore
19 Minnesota
20 at Boston
21 camp day
22 Baltimore
23 at Baltimore
24 at Minnesota
25 Boston
26 Baltimore
27 at Baltimore
28 camp day
29 Minnesota
30 at Boston
31 Baltimore

1 at Baltimore
2 Boston
3 camp day
4 intrasquad games, break camp


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