Monday, December 19, 2011

SEC changes baseball tournament format

Southeastern Conference baseball tournament fans get an extra day of play starting next year. The SEC announced today that it's expanding the tournament to 10 teams, which also causes a revamped format and an earlier start.

It's still a two-bracket format with the bracket winners playing one Sunday game for the championship. It's still in Hoover, too.

The tournament will start on Tuesday (that's May 22 next year) with four games. There are also four games Wednesday and Thursday and two games Friday and Saturday. Yes, the bracket championships will be a one-game showdown.

Now, for the confusing part.

The top-seeded team in each bracket (the two divisional winners) won't play until Wednesday. The four other teams in each bracket start Tuesday. The highest-seeded Tuesday winner will have a Wednesday bye. The other Tuesday winner plays the bracket's top seed Wednesday.

Is that explained decently enough? It took me a few minutes to digest it, too.

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