Thursday, March 29, 2012

6 have been absent from lineups all week

Comparing the most-recent minor league roster with the lineups the last four days, there are six position players who have yet to appear. When I use the word "lineups," I'm referring to Double-A, Triple-A and the two Class A's.

Jesus Araiza (I've seen him, in uniform)
Omar Narvaez
Justin O'Conner
Ian Tomkins (believe I saw him and, if I did, it had to be in uniform)
Leonardo Reginatto (he played in EXT game Wednesday)
Brett Nommensen (I've seen him, in workout clothes)

THURSDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Saw Araiza, Narvaez, Tomkins and Nommensen in uniform.


Bob Murdock said...

Nommenson is still in rehab.

Stacy Long said...

Nommensen was in uniform today and went through running drills with the Triple-A group. He took batting practice with two other rehab guys.