Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friendly fire: Jennings, Brignac still spar over BCS

It still doesn't take much to get Desmond Jennings and Reid Brignac started over January's national championship football game. The two Rays -- and former Biscuits -- still hold major memories how one's favorite team beat the other.

They watched the game together and, Jennings joked, Brignac said little after the first few minutes. Jennings' Alabama Crimson Tide beat Brignac's LSU Tigers 21-0.

Today, both are on Tampa Bay's injured list and are optimistic they'll soon return to the team's lineup. Both played in a minor league intrasquad game today.

Brignac, suffering from plantar fasciitis in his right foot, flew out, struck out and started a double play. It was his first game in a week and he said any pain he felt was not overwhelming. "For sure, it's tolerable," Brignac said.

Jennings is down with a shoulder injury from a March 14 outfield collision with B.J. Upton and hasn't played in a week. He didn't bat, but ran the bases (one steal, one run). He also played defense, though he's not allowed to throw yet. What if a ball had been hit to him? "I would have caught it. ... I'd have done something," he said.

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