Monday, March 10, 2014

Rays' minor league exhibition schedule

Tampa Bay's minor league exhibition games begin Wednesday, and here is the schedule for the Triple- and Double-A games.

12 Orioles
13 at Orioles
14 Twins
15 Red Sox
16 camp day
17 at Twins
18 Red Sox
19 Twins
20 at Red Sox
21 at Orioles
22 Orioles
23 camp day
24 at Twins
25 at Red Sox
26 Orioles
27 Orioles
28 at Twins

The Class A games are at the opposite site. For example, while the Rays host the Triple- and Double-A games Wednesday, the Class A games will be at the Orioles.

On March 29, the Triple- and Double-A teams do not play. However, the Class A teams host the Red Sox.

The Orioles are based in Sarasota, while the Red Sox and Twins are in Fort Myers.

If you don't know, the Rays are in Port Charlotte. What is a camp day? That means a morning workout and afternoon off.

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