Monday, March 10, 2014

Those no longer with Rays

Here are the departed, those who were on a Rays minor league roster (U.S.-based teams only) at the end of last season who aren't in camp this spring, for whatever reason.

Matt Buschmann
Frank De Los Santos
J.D. Martin

Craig Albernaz
Leslie Anderson
Jason Bourgeois
Jesus Flores
Mike Fontenot
Evan Frey
Rich Thompson

Jeff Beliveau
Carlos Fisher
Jake Floethe
Erik Hamren
Austin Hubbard
Victor Mateo
Matt Nevarez
Neil Schenk
Joe Van Meter

Robi Estrada
Todd Glaesmann
Kyeong Kang
Shawn O'Malley
Steve Tinoco

Drew Vettleson

Matt Spann

Ryan Dunn
Brandon Martin

Justin Choate
John Farrell
Tyler Gauthier
Darryl George
Chris MacDonald
Harmen Sidhu

Ben Kline
Julian Morillo
Omar Narvaez

Oscar Armenta
Edgar Gomez
Stepan Havlicek

Leopoldo Correa
David Garcia
Chad Nacapoy
Enmanuel Paulino

Yomelbin Almonte
Freddy Alvarez
Jose Castillo
Chris Crisostomo
Geisel De La Cruz
Eric Fredrick
Andres Gonzalez
Jesse Hahn
Jhefferson Hurtado
Jose Mujica
Ruben Paredes
Roel Ramirez
Yael Regalado
Wilking Rodriguez

Ryan Henley
Hector Montes
Adderly Rosa


Chris Wise said...

Beliveau still in camp with the big boys.

Chris Wise said...

Do you know what happened to Shawn O'Malley?

Stacy Long said...

Beliveau crossed out.

I haven't heard anything on O'Malley.

Bubba-36109 said...

Signed with the Angels

Chris Wise said...

Thanks. Had not heard that. Too bad. Really liked what I saw in his visits to Durham in 2012. Hope he does well with Angels.

Bubba-36109 said...

Victor Mateo reassigned to minor league camp 8 March.