Friday, June 02, 2006

Cantu: Let them eat steak

Jorge Cantu played his last home game at Riverwalk Stadium on Thursday, and the rehabbing major-leaguer left the Biscuits with a good taste in their mouths.

A good steak taste.

In a nice touch, Cantu had a steak meal catered for the team before it jumped on the bus for Chattanooga. Cantu, Tampa Bay's second baseman, has been with the Biscuits this week on a rehabilitation assignment for a broken left foot. He's scheduled to rejoin the Devil Rays next week.

Cantu makes close to the major-league minimum, but the major-league minimum is much more than any of the regular Biscuits make. Almost every player (and their wives, if applicable) squeek by while they chase a dream.

Noodles, I'm told, are a regular item on the dinner table away from the ballpark. Steak is rare.


Bubba said...

This and that: . ... Jorge Cantu was scheduled to play for Double-A Montgomery on Sunday. It's likely he'll be back with the Rays by the end of the Angels series. ...

Looks like three more games...hope he starts hitting...

Stacy Long said...

Cantu supposed to be activated today. Chad Orvella, who has developed a walking habit, is headed to the minors.

Orvella had practically no walks in the minors. He's been working on speeding up his delivery to stymie potential basestealers, but it's hurt his control.