Sunday, June 25, 2006

Dukes out 15 games; Knox three

The Rays announced the lengths of suspensions for Durham outfielders Elijah Dukes and Ryan Knox today.

Dukes will miss 15 games and Knox three for an incident in the team's hotel last weekend in Charlotte, N.C. Dukes was immediately suspended and can return next weekend. Knox missed two games last week and then, after an off day, only pinch-ran in the eighth inning of the next game.

The fight was Dukes' second high-profile incident this year. He and a coach had a confrontation in April, which led to a week's vacation for Dukes.

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Stacy Long said...

Knox is with the Biscuits and is eligible to play Monday.

I'd say it's a good move for Knox. First, he wasn't getting much playing time in Durham and this gives him a chance to put up some numbers. Second, he'll be away from Dukes.