Friday, April 06, 2007

April 6 vs. Diamond Jaxx

Since the daily lineup is one staple of the blogs kept by the big-league writers, I guess I'll do it, too. What the heck, right??

Fernando Perez, cf
Jason Pridie, lf
Reid Brignac, ss
Evan Longoria, 3b
Chris Nowak, 1b
Shaun Cumberland, rf
John Jaso, dh
Josh Arhart, c
Josh Asanovich, 2b


frisbee9 said...

I noticed, or actually didn't notice names on the Biscuit uniforms last night. I'm thinking not enough time to sew on the names, but then I don't remember this being a problem in the past. Has a decision been made to have nameless unis this season?

Stacy Long said...

No, they're going to put names on them. They had a problem a few weeks ago and sent the jerseys to the company, but didn't get them back until at least Wednesday.

frisbee9 said...

Thanks for the info...I'm getting ready to head out to the ballpark right now and enjoy those new air-conditioned restrooms.

Stacy Long said...

Air conditioning will definitely not be at a premium tonight. The flags are pretty stiff blowing in from left field.

Officially, it's 59 degrees, so tonight is spared the glory of being the coldest game ever. And the breeze measures 12 mph.

Stacy Long said... lists 55 degrees, if you're curious.