Monday, April 09, 2007

Mighty Talbot

The Durham game tonight was obviously much more interesting than the dog being played at Riverwalk Stadium at the moment.

Mitch Talbot made his Class AAA debut with six no-hit innings in the Bulls' 1-0 win. According to my records (and I'm including last year's Southern League playoffs, dadgumit), that's 28 straight scoreless innings for Talbot.

Sept. 3 at Mississippi: Braves score a second-inning run and Talbot leaves after six.
Sept. 9 vs. Jacksonville: Talbot throws five-hit shutout, striking out Biscuits-record 14.
Sept. 14 vs. Huntsville: Talbot throws five-hit shutout, striking out 10.
Tonight vs. Pawtucket: Talbot throws six no-hit innings.

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Myron said...

Mitch Talbot looked solid yesterday, not dominant but very effective.

He was topping out around 94 and I didn't see any contact on his changeup in the first 3 innings.

Having said all that, Sonnanstine was the most impressive of the 3 Biscuit starters from last year. He looked dominant and if the radar guns were off, you would have thought you were watching an ace.