Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meek hit by foul ball

The Biscuits put pitcher Evan Meek on the disabled list today after Meek was hit by a foul ball in the dugout Saturday night at Chattanooga.

According to a poster on a Devil Rays fans' message board Sunday morning, Meek walked to a stretcher and was taken to a hospital. The Biscuits announced putting Meek on the disabled list 2 hours, 46 minutes later -- about 30 minutes before Sunday's game -- with a cryptic release that listed only one word, "concussion," to explain Meek's move to the DL.

The Biscuits activated Jarod Matthews to take Meek's place. Matthews has been with the team, but not on the active roster, since the start of the season.

UPDATE: Biscuits manager Billy Gardner said Meek was taken to a hospital but released a short time later. "I don't think he ever lost consciousness, but it obviously stunned him," Gardner said. Gardner said he wasn't sure if Meek will stay in the dugout for this week's series at Birmingham or sit in the stands behind the protective net.


Jim said...

You've got my number; you can always call me for clarification :-)

Stacy Long said...

I could start quoting the message board, too.