Sunday, April 29, 2007

Brewing brawl?

According to the Jacksonville Suns' press release about Sunday's game, the benches emptied twice in the Biscuits' 7-2 victory, though no brawls followed. That could mean they're in for a tango at some point in the last two games of the series on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

In the fifth inning Sunday, Reid Brignac homered and the next hitter, Evan Longoria, paid the price. It led to three ejections: Suns pitcher Alvis Ojeda, Biscuits manager Billy Gardner and Biscuits relief pitcher Jeremy Flanagan (?!?). Since Flanagan wasn't in the game at that moment, I'd take a wild guess and imagine he did a fine sprint in from the dugout, followed it with some demonstrative language (either verbal, body or both).

Biscuits starter Chris Mason may have taken a retaliatory shot across the Jacksonville bow to start the next inning. Leadoff hitter Anthony Raglani drew a walk that included a wee too many inside pitches.

I'm confident in saying it was a "wee too many inside pitches." As evidence, I cite the teams leaving their benches once again.

MIDNIGHT UPDATE: The Biscuits just sent out their game release. It added that center fielder Fernando Perez suffered a knee injury on a third-inning rundown and is expected to miss at least a week.

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