Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nelson: Sooner or Gator, it will be Oklahoma

Oklahoma fan Jamie Nelson is looking for a rout tonight when his Sooners face Florida for the national championship.

Nelson, Tampa Bay's minor-league catching coordinator, has been an OU fan since he was a child because his dad was also one, though he grew up in California. The Sooner Schooner will hopefully take many laps tonight.

"I hope they beat them by 40, and the wagon needs a tuneup at the half," Nelson said for the second annual Biscuit Trash Talk over the BCS Championship Game.

(Attempts to reach two known Florida fans with ties to the Biscuits were unsuccessful. I suspect Wade Davis and James Houser either aren't as confident or are more confident. Take your pick.)

Had the Gators played a Big 12 schedule, they'd likely have more than one loss, Nelson said. OU and Texas "could" beat them and "on any given day" Texas Tech and Oklahoma State could win as well.

Nelson said OU quarterback Sam Bradford was an easy choice over Florida QB Tim Tebow for the Heisman, despite Tebow winning last year.

"Bradford had better numbers, plain and simple," said Nelson, who actually would have voted for Texas' Colt McCoy. "McCoy should have won it. He did more with less."

The Big 12, at least the South Division, was "just as good" as the SEC this year, Nelson said. And the big numbers in Big 12 games was because of the offensive talent, not defensive shortcomings.

"The offenses in the Big 12 have twice the QBs than the SEC, so they make the defenses look weaker," Nelson said. "I can only think of two QBs in the SEC worth mentioning (Georgia's Matt Stafford and Tebow). The Big 12 had six."

By the way, this is all meant as have-fun bluster. (I asked him for "some serious drank-the-KoolAid fan" trash talk.) If you remember, it worked out well for last year's participant.

"I hate to talk trash when we've lost the last four BCS games and four-five bowls in a row," Nelson said. "Point being, I've been humbled over the last five years. For whatever reason, OU hasn't played too well with that kind of layoff."

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