Monday, January 07, 2008

Brignac stunner: He likes LSU over Ohio State

Called LSU devotee/former Biscuits shortstop Reid Brignac early tonight to have a question answered: How bad will Ohio State beat LSU in the national championship game?

"Like I told you before, I told you we'd be here and we'd win it," Brignac said. "I don't see Ohio State winning it."

Brignac said he had plans to go to the game, but they fell through and he was probably going to watch on TV with fellow LSU devotee/Rays minor-leaguer Matt Walker. Brignac did go to two LSU games this year, though he didn't pick wisely. One was the Thanksgiving weekend loss to Arkansas.

He wouldn't venture a guess for tonight's score.

"I don't predict scores because you can never tell, especially this year with all the upsets," Brignac said. "One more than them."

Brignac went to New York for New Year's to see fellow former Biscuit Fernando Perez, had just gotten home from some deer hunting (saw six, took no shots) and said he might have to arrange a friendly wager (dinner?) with Ohio State fan/former Biscuit Andy Sonnanstine. Since Brignac is going to major-league spring training, he said Sonnanstine can pay up then.

"I'm going to have to give him a call," Brignac said.

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