Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Greetings from Fort Myers

Finals: Rays win 5-4 in Triple-A and 8-1 in Double-A.

Dubs, 8th: OK, I'm not doing this on purpose. Jennings hit a bloop hit-and-run single. Matt Hall follows with a two-run double.

2:10: I asked one of the Boston minor-leaguers about Prattville's Austin Bailey. He said Bailey has been out for a few days with pink eye.

2:03: Ken Rosenthal of Fox sports adds the Indians, Rangers and Nationals to the pile of suitors for Jason Hammel and/or Jeff Niemann. I'll link later. (I'm definitely a minor-leaguer on the Blackberry.) Here's the link, third item.

Dubs, 6th: Jennings up again in "big" situation. Two on, one out, Sox bring in new pitcher. Shortstop needed a nice play in the hole to get the runner at second. Otherwise, it's a single.

Bowers follows with double, easily scoring Jennings from first. Might Jennings break camp with Biscuits?

Dubs: Rollins hits pitch limit in fifth. Wlodarczyk finds runners on second and third with two outs, records K to end it. Rays lead 2-1.

Dubs: Jennings hits two-run single. Dance card potential with Paul Phillips, Mike Wlodarczyk and Ryan Reid.

Trips: Rashad Eldridge launches two-run homer.

Triple-A dance card includes Chris Mason and Neal Frontz ... and Eduardo Morlan.

Double-A, 2nd inning: Mollicone doubled. With two outs, Pedro Powell beat out an easy grounder to third. Jennings F-7 ends threat.

We're at the Red Sox complex in Fort Myers for the afternoon.

Check back for sporadic updates.

Starting pitchers: Calvin Medlock (Triple-A) and Heath Rollins.

Double-A: Desmond Jennings starts game with double off the CF wall. Stranded at third.

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