Monday, March 30, 2009

Intrasquad final: Kiss your sister

The Doubles and Triples tied 4-4.

I didn't track the game closely, but I was impressed when John Matulia threw out Chris Nowak at the plate. Patrick Cottrell hit a flyball far enough that I thought Nowak, who is speedy for a big guy, would have easily scored. I was wrong.

Desmond Jennings missed one diving catch. Nice effort, but I don't think the Rays want that out of Jennings in spring training. He was plagued with back and shoulder injuries last year.

Jon Barratt, back with the Rays after spending time away last season, threw the final two innings and allowed one hit. Mitch Talbot came on after Jeff Niemann and threw a tidy five innings (72 pitches, Talbot said, though he wasn't pleased with his performance).

Wade Davis and Jeremy Hellickson threw in one of the other games. David Price had an extended side session before the games started. Why do I mention these? Today would be the day for Opening Night starters to throw.

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