Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's slate: Rays vs. Red Sox

The Rays face the Red Sox in minor-league exhibitions today. The Double- and Triple-A games are in Fort Myers, while the others are here in Port Charlotte. The pitching dance card wasn't posted, but here are Tampa Bay's hitting/defensive lineups ...

Johnson, 2b
Brignac, ss
Ruggiano, rf
Hughes, 1b
Eldridge, cf
Suarez, 3b
Hall, lf
Asanovich, dh
Pedroza, dh
Spring, c
(Jamieson on bench)

Jennings, cf
Bowers, ss (Hall in sixth inning)
Fronk, rf
Fields, 1b
Gautreau, 3b
Chavez, 2b (Anderson in sixth)
Albernaz, c (Paxton in eighth)
Mollicone, dh
Powell, lf
Torres, dh

Salem, cf
O'Malley, ss (dh in sixth) (rules relaxed in minor-league spring)
Sexton, 3b
Wrigley, 1b
Vogt, c (dh in eighth)
Luna, 2b (ss in sixth)
J. Beckham, dh (2b in sixth)
Biell, rf
Williams, dh (c in eighth)
Reynolds, lf -- but he won't hit

Scelfo, cf
T. Beckham, ss (Luis in sixth)
Jefferies, c (dh in eighth)
McCormick, dh (c in eighth)
Sheridan, 1b
Corder, rf
Kang, dh
Velasquez, 3b
Estrada, 2b
Jones, lf

Morrison, lf
Otero, 2b (Marchena in sixth)
Reynolds, 3b (Cedeno in sixth)
Sonoqui, 1b
Acosta, c (Thomas in sixth)
Genoa, dh (Hauschild in sixth)
Francisco, dh
Novas, rf (Jacobo in sixth)
Cuello, ss
Bryles, cf

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