Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday lineups

The Rays are supposed to play the Orioles in minor-league exhibitions today, but the severe rainstorm that is plaguing the area will have the final say. Don't look for these lineups to be used today.

Jennings, cf
Brignac, ss
Upton, dh
Ruggiano, rf
Johnson, 2b
Hughes, 1b
Eldridge, lf
Cottrell, 3b
Spring, dh (somebody has to catch)
Jamieson, dh

Salem, cf
O'Malley, ss
Sexton, 3b
Fields, 1b
Fronk, rf
Royster, dh
Gautreau, 2b
Wrigley, dh
McCormick, c
Powell, lf

Tweedy, 2b
T. Beckham, ss
Scelfo, cf
Corder, rf
Cipriano, 1b
Mollicone, c
Velasquez, 3b
Hall, dh
Biell, dh
Ross, lf

Morrison, dh
Cuello, 2b
Jefferies, dh
Reynolds, 3b
Genao, c
Francisco, 1b
Novas, rf
Bryles, cf
Jacobo, lf
Luis, ss

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