Saturday, March 28, 2009

Off to Florida

Leaving now for Florida and spring training. I'll report to camp Sunday and start looking for blog entries then and stories in Monday's paper.

Heading south on U.S. 231. Dadgumit, no Rays game on XM.

2: Brundidge
2:25: refuel in Ozark, $1.99 a gallon
3: Dothan
3:45: Caught by train in Cottondale, Fla. I-10 is a few minutes away, at which point the pace shall quicken.
4:45 CDT: Tallahassee. Go Noles.
5:35-6:15: Food stop in Madison.
6:45: I-75
7:25: Gainesville. Chomp, chomp.
9:10: refuel in Tampa, $2.01
10: Sarasota. Sic 'em, Sailors.
10:33: Port Charlotte. 562 miles. I'm tired, dadgumit.

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