Thursday, August 10, 2006

Aren't scoring changes fun?

Apparently, someone has some sway with the scorekeeping in Mobile -- and it's not the official scorekeeper.

The Biscuits lost two hits late Wednesday, at least an hour after their 15-2 win over the BayBears. Elliot Johnson's triple and a Patrick Breen single disappeared.

I say it was at least an hour after the game because I typed the box score in for our Thursday edition about 10:45. At that point, Johnson and Breen both had two hits, which meant every Montgomery batter had at least two, and the BayBears had allowed only one unearned run. The changes also stripped Johnson of two RBIs and Breen of one.

After further review, the BayBears' pitching numbers improved and the defense was tagged with ~three~ additional errors. And it's not like Montgomery's offense has hits to spare.

Hopefully, Gabriel Martinez won't lose any of his team-record seven RBIs from the game. One of his two home runs might turn into an E-1.


Bubba-36109 said...

Maybe that why the radio broadcast keep cutting out. It is those communcation lines?

Call of the Game said...

Sorry about the technical difficulties. We're doing everything we can, and I think I might have a handle on it now.

Thanks for listening.