Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sonnanstine's streak over

Andy Sonnanstine won't win his 10th straight start tonight and stands a good chance of losing.

He's out after 5 1/3 innings, just after giving up a three-run triple to Michael Rosamond. Mississippi would have scored in the first had Biscuits center fielder Jason Pridie not made a spectacular catch at the right-center wall. Sonnanstine squirmed out of a bases-loaded, none-out jam in the fourth when the Braves committed a mental error.

With one out, Josh Burrus flied out. Right fielder Justin Ruggiano made a strong enough throw that Luis Hernandez, the runner at third, decided to go back to third. Brandon Jones, the runner on second, had ventured too far toward third and was thrown out.

Heck of a run for Sonnanstine, though.


Stacy Long said...

Yep, Sonnanstine is a loser ... at least tonight, anyway. He was due for some bad luck after getting out of trouble in the first and fourth. Michael Rosamond's three-run triple (on a 2-0 count) was it.

He falls three wins short of the Southern League record for straight wins.

A 12-win streak has happened five times, last by Birmingham's Arnie Munoz. Munoz's string came over a three-year stretch. He spent one of those years in Class AAA.

Sonnanstine is two wins shy of his total from last year, which tied a Tampa Bay minor-league record. So, there's something to keep an eye on.

Bubba-36109 said...

He should break that record I figure 5 more starts, regular season and at lest one in the playoffs....

Stacy Long said...

I think he will, too. He's simply been too consistent to not have a chance. He's going to keep the Biscuits in every game he pitches. (Hope nobody's superstitious for me writing that.)