Saturday, August 26, 2006

Shaggy update

Biscuits catcher Chairon Isenia will spend a second night at Baptist South after leaving Friday's game. Isenia is doing well, coaches and teammates said, but doctors are keeping him one more night for observation.

Isenia doesn't remember the eighth-inning collision that left him with a concussion, one main reason doctors extended his hospital stay. X-rays revealed no broken bones.

Birmingham's Cory Aldridge, the player who ran over Isenia, is out of the lineup Saturday with a neck strain suffered in the collision.

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Stacy Long said...

It looks like the Biscuits will add another catcher while Isenia is out.

Craig Albernaz was at Rookie-level Princeton. He'll be used sparingly to give Ryan Christianson a needed rest or if an emergency arises. Albernaz was hitting .186 in 31 games at Princeton.

With Visalia battling for a playoff berth, the Biscuits couldn't land Josh Arhart (and shouldn't have expected to). He has a .302 average and 68 RBIs with the Oaks.