Sunday, September 10, 2006

Slip 'n Sliding away

The Biscuits pulled out their alcohol again Saturday after sweeping the Jacksonville Suns.

Three sights greatly amused me during their multiple champagne sprays, water cooler dumps and general revelry:

1) Gabriel Martinez was in semi-sprint mode with a cooler on his way toward a coach. Martinez took a corner a little too quickly and, on the wet plastic that was covering the carpet, busted his butt. The team, which had been chanting the name of the coach, soon switched to chanting Gaby's and doused him instead. Gaby did the honorable thing -- and turned the cooler on himself.

2) Mike Prochaska made a gruesome display on a stretch of the plastic that some players used as a makeshift clubhouse Slip 'n Slide. He did the worm, full gyrations and all, across the full distance of the plastic. It wasn't a pretty sight.

3) Ryan Christianson, after each slide, walked the length of it spreading more water from a cooler to lubricate it for the next passenger. He had the look of a Spring Break wet T-shirt judge.

Mayor Bobby Bright spoke to the team before the full force of the celebrating started. He said he'll pay Martinez his $1,000 for hitting a train with a home run before the Biscuits' home game Thursday with Huntsville.

Oh, I have a fourth amusing sight ...
4) Bright had a frightful quiver just after he finished speaking and Justin Ruggiano came toward him with a cup. Ruggiano went to dump the cup on Bright, who was in dress clothes and tie but was on the plastic and in the free-fire zone. The cup was empty.

(I was again a victim, pulled into the fray by a demonic-looking Chairon Isenia. This time, they added shaving cream to the liquids. I'll be washing clothes tonight. I thought they'd wait until they won the championship for another spraying, if they win.)

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Stacy Long said...

For those of you who don't know, afhra was involved in the Southern League championship spray fray.