Saturday, September 16, 2006

Title hangover

The Biscuits start heading for home this morning, though some left town soon after Friday's win over Huntsville that brought Montgomery its sixth Southern League title.

I just went back over to the stadium (it's 3:20 a.m. right now) and there are a few players still there. They are trying to relax and rest before heading for home themselves.

Montgomery manager Charlie Montoyo may leave the city for the final time when he flies home today. Pitching coach Xavier Hernandez started for home late Firday. Hitting coach Mako Oliveras will start in that direction today.

Since the Devil Rays fired the entire staff at Class AAA Durham, those three could be in line for a promotion themselves. They'd all be good choices.

Michael Coleman turned it on during the championship series, Elliot Johnson hit for the cycle Friday -- the first in franchise history -- and the pitching was excellent. The crowds were intense, though some players thought the stands should have been packed. Minor-league playoffs are never good draws.

"That was a big-league atmosphere," Coleman said. "We have the greatest fans, period. Put that in all capital letters."

I won't do the ALL CAPS thing, but the fans were obviously into the games. When Coleman was hit by a pitch Thursday and a brawl almost ensued, the fans remembered when he came back up. They chanted his name. He responded with an RBI single.

Now, we have a cold offseason to wander through. Only 201 days, starting with Saturday, until Opening Day 2007.


Bubba-36109 said...

So what are your plan till opening day?

Stacy Long said...

Heck, afhra, I might show up.

I know this might be hard to believe in Alabama, but my main jobs from now until New Year's will go in this order:

1. Football
2. Football
3. Football
4. Basketball, but not until about mid-November, and, I can't forget ...
5. Football

Biscuits2004 said...

Thanks for a great year Stacy!! You did a great job and you were robbed of the Sportswriter of the Year! Keep up the great work...I bet you cant wait to see Delmon in Spring Training!!

Stacy Long said...

My apologies, afhra. I remembered the meeting about 8 that night.

I'm a bad speaker (see my disgraceful ESPN performance), no matter the subject.