Monday, March 26, 2007

Fla. governor sets standard for Riley

The Devil Rays announced today that newly elected Florida Gov. Charlie Crist will throw out the ceremonial pitch at their home opener April 6.

Since (1) Crist used to work for the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, the governing body of minor-league baseball, as its general counsel, and (2) Alabama Gov. Bob Riley has made no similar first-pitch commitment -- that I know of -- I'll say Crist has the better arm.

Former Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley showed some promise at the Montgomery Wings' final home opener in 2003 and I described her as a "fireballing right-hander from Ashford."

Riley and a granddaughter did perform in a between-innings game at a Biscuits game two years ago, and he successfully directed then-10-year-old Rebecca in a blindfolded search for team mascot Big Mo. "She's a lot more responsive than the Legislature," Riley said that night. "She follows directions a lot better."

OK, OK, but we need to see if the governor has any pop.

Let's see him step up to the plate, err, mound.

(Since there are mayoral elections in Montgomery this year, I need to find other politicians to pick on. It's all in fun.)

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