Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday camp day

The minor-leaguers had a "camp day" Sunday, which means they play intrasquad games at 10 a.m. and then have the rest of the day off. Beach, sleep, golf and sleep were the main goals for Sunday afternoon.

Evan Longoria hit a three-run home run off James Houser Jr. in the Class AA vs. Class AAA game, though both are expected to start the season in Montgomery. Houser is a lot bigger than I thought he would be. I'll agree to the 6-foot-4, but not to the 198 pounds. I met Houser's dad and he said he reads this blog. It's good somebody does.

Wade Townsend pitched in the Class A game and so did Argentinian knuckleballer Diego Echeverria. When I turned from the other game and saw about 22 off-duty pitchers crowded around that backstop, I wondered what was up and soon joined them when I saw it was a knuckleballer.

I forgot to mention Saturday's game at the Yankees' complex. Mike Prochaska threw four shutout innings, allowing two hits, in the Class AA game. Patrick Breen cracked an easy triple to right-center, but fell rounding second and retreated to a mere double.

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