Friday, March 30, 2007

Wild pitches

Since the Devil Rays have set the major-league pitching staff, I'll give a guess as to how the high minor-league pitching staffs might shake out.

Starters: Scott Kazmir, Jae Seo, Jamie Shields, Casey Fossum, Edwin Jackson
Relievers: Shawn Camp, Ruddy Lugo, Jae Kuk Ryu, Juan Salas, Brian Stokes, Al Reyes, Gary Glover
DL: Jon Switzer

Starters: Jason Hammel, J.P. Howell, Jeff Niemann, Andy Sonnanstine, Mitch Talbot
Relievers: Steve Andrade, Tony Peguero, Jeff Ridgway, Dale Thayer*, Tim Corcoran, Scott Dohmann, Chad Orvella

*--Thayer would be the only one in Durham who wasn't in big-league camp.

Starters: Chris Seddon, Chris Mason, James Houser, Mike Prochaska, Derek Feldkamp
Relievers: Nick DeBarr, Jeremy Flanagan, Brian Henderson*, Jino Gonzalez, Richard De Los Santos, Brett Wayne, Evan Meek

*--Henderson caught in a numbers crunch.

I won't go any further, since I've seen so little of the Class A guys anyway and particularly since I don't have the guts.


blackwater boys said...

I'm surprised to see no sign of Jon Barratt at AA?

Stacy Long said...

I should have mentioned it in that post and it's in today's paper: Barratt's elbow is acting up again and he's headed to extended spring.