Monday, March 29, 2010

Timing right, but names look off for Opening Day starters

From the looks of it, the Rays aren't focused in yet on their starting pitching rotations. Except for Jeremy Hellickson in the Triple-A game, the other three aren't expected to start Opening Day.

It's Joseph Callender in Double-A with Chris Andujar and Wilking Rodriguez in the Class A games. Weather-wise, the rain has stopped and the skies are lighter but still cloudy.

Triple-A -- Hellickson, Joe Bateman, Ryan Reid, Rayner Oliveros
Double-A -- Callender, Eduardo Morlan, Justin Garcia, Josh Satow
High-A -- Andujar, Marquis Fleming, Michael Jarman, Zach Quate, Alex Koronis
Low-A -- Rodriguez, Aaron Dott, Deivis Mavarez, Scott Shuman, James Hill

10:08 CDT: The sun makes its debut.


Riven G said...

Just curious... I'm assuming Brian Shuman refers to the pitcher the Rays selected out of Auburn, but why Brian? I've seen him called Rutherford and Scott, but not Brian. Is he trying out a new name?

Stacy Long said...

Nope. I'm just an idiot.