Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Biscuits catcher Paxton retires

Catcher Ian Paxton, who has been with the Biscuits all season but has rarely been on the active roster, retired today.

Paxton mainly served as Montgomery's bullpen catcher. He played in three games this year and was 2-for-7. This was the 26-year-old's fifth professional season.

"He did a great job for us," Biscuits manager Billy Gardner said. "It's a thankless job, but he came to work every day and prepared like he was going to be in the game. That's how he went about his business."


hvrmom said...
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Stacy Long said...

Comment removed at the request of the author, though I thought it was OK.

hvrmom said...

Tampa Bay is losing a class-act player with Ian Paxton's retirement. Ian's a leader in every positive sense of the word. He's always there~always giving it his all~always maintaining a positive outlook-(which was contagious amongst the players.) Perhaps he is not finished with the game he loves so much and will become involved in it in some other capacity- coaching? scouting? Whatever he chooses, I wish him well.

Dr.Miraculous said...

we love pax but as much as he has been on the roster it looked like Tampa thought he had already retired!

good luck in the private sector ian, youre a good man and they wont be able to keep you down for long