Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Big leaguer-turned-BayBear suspended by minors

Daryle Ward, the 36-year-old major league veteran who finished last year with the Mobile BayBears, has drawn a drug-related suspension.

Ward will sit for 50 games, if he signs with a major league team, after testing positive for amphetamines.

I remember talking to him at Riverwalk and being impressed how friendly he was. With his big league credentials, he easily could have been dismissive, but he was quite cordial.


rays3fan said...

Seems like at least one southern leaguer from the previous year banned every off-season.

Dr.Miraculous said...

the worst part - dude was signed to fill for Goldshmidt when he was promoted, and proceeded to help the BayBears take the SL championship. Not that Ward played great, but its a kick in the teeth to Smokies fans!