Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Biscuits shortstacked in bullpen

The Biscuits are looking at a short bullpen today, so a relief appearance by third baseman Greg Sexton isn't beyond the realm of possibilities.

Might Shane Dyer make a third straight appearance? That might be unprecedented in Biscuits history. He would be the first Biscuit to do that since 2008 (Roger Deago on Aug. 2-4 and Jeremy Flanagan on April 17-19). If so, can we call Dyer a minor league version of Old Hoss Radbourn?

Here's how I'd rank each reliever's availability ...
Neil Schenk: available (14 pitches Monday)
Scott Shuman: available? (2 innings, 40 pitches Sunday)
Shane Dyer: 2 straight appearances (10 pitches Sunday, 25 Monday)
Kirby Yates: 2 innings, 30 pitches Monday
Marquis Fleming: 3 innings, 45 pitches Monday
Merrill Kelly: 3 innings, 52 pitches Monday
Joe Cruz: hurt
Adam Liberatore: away for family funeral

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