Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Today's Rays pitchers

Alex Torres, after a foray into the majors, is back with Durham and starts today. Torres threw 4 1/3 hitless innings in two appearances with Tampa Bay last week and picked up his second career major league win Saturday at Baltimore, the parent team of today's foe: Norfolk.

DUR (Alex Torres 2-2, 2.39) at Norfolk (Josh Stinson 2-1, 3.68), 5:35
MGM off
CHA (Roberto Gomez 2-5, 7.58) vs. Clearwater (Gabriel Arias 5-2, 2.22), 5:30
BWG (Blake Snell 1-4, 3.16/???) vs. Great Lakes (Lindsey Caughel 0-3, 2.00/???), DH, 5:30

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