Friday, November 27, 2009

Alabama-Auburn live blog

4:40: About time to head to the field, so I'll have to leave you with it.

4:36: Alabama will need a championship drive here.

4:29: Let's officially say this is an upset in the making. Auburn up one and has the ball in Alabama territory. If this holds up, there will be severe gnashing of teeth.

4:11: Auburn throws a long touchdown pass and Alabama answers with two field goals. Tigers up 21-20 late in the third. Call it a moral victory for Auburn. Gene Chizik will get credit for the effort. AU's defense is about due for its usual fatigue-laden collapse.

3:13: Halftime. Let us now pause for a moment of silence to remember Mark Ingram's Heisman hopes.

2:54: It's tied.

2:47: Auburn's last three drives: three three-and-outs, zero yards. This will be tied before long.

2:28: Touchdown, Alabama. Mark Ingram wasn't in on the final four plays of that drive. Not sure why. Trent Richardson got three carries, including the touchdown, and caught a pass on the final four plays.

2:22: End of one quarter. Auburn really stuffed it down Alabama's throat early, but that appears to be diminishing. Chris Todd missing an open Tommy Trott on two straight plays could turn things.

2:09: Didn't Auburn jump out to a 14-0 lead at Georgia two weeks ago? How did that one turn out?

2:05: Alabama's Justin Woodall may be drawn and quartered after his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty led to that touchdown. He personally turned a third-and-11 into a third-and-three for the Tigers. Easy to call that penalty, too.

2:03: Oh well. AU up 14-nil. Now, the Tigers need a safety before the Tide's 37-point run.

2:02: If Auburn misses this extra point and Alabama scores 37 straight points, my prediction might still be correct.

1:53: Auburn acts like it's Halloween -- trick or treat. Two straight trick plays after an onsides kick after taking a 7-0 lead. Gutsy.

1:37: The evil people have entered the field.

You've been spared such football crapola from this blog this year, but I can't hold off today. It's the Alabama-Auburn game where fans (of both sides) put their life's worth on the line watching a football game.

10:24: My prediction -- Alabama 37, Auburn 16.

Check back later for more musings on today's titanic tilt/annual Armaggedon.

12:21: Just got back from a walk around campus with Advertiser AU star reporter Jay G. Tate, who visited some fans of his blog, Ventured from there to see what interesting fans I could find. Within a block of each other, there was a surprise party for Atlanta's Dana Sweeney's 50th birthday and a 21st birthday party for Auburn junior Morgan King of Huntsville.

"I'm going out tonight, downtown, and go to bars I've never been able to go to," said King, who admitted she wouldn't let the game detract from her day.

"I hope Auburn wins, but I really don't care," she said. "I'm still going to have fun."

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