Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Rent payment finishes off down season for Biscuits

With the final rent payment for fiscal year 2009, the Biscuits marked the end of their worst season as far as revenue.

The team paid $133,399.87 to the city for the quarterly rent payment that was due at the end of October, according to city records. That brings the rent for the full year to $403.676.08.

Montgomery drew just 266,818 fans this year, the smallest total since the team came to town in 2004. That also led the team to have its worst year as far as concessions sales -- $1,160,365.86. Also, for the first time, the team's operating revenue in those areas covered by the rent agreement was less than $5 million.

The team has paid more than $3.9 million in rent since the $26 million Riverwalk Stadium opened in 2004. Rent is based on a percentage of sales and revenue at the stadium.

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