Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brignac, Jaso first-timers on All-Star ballot

Voting for the major league All-Star Game starts Friday and there are five former Biscuits who await your vote.

Catcher John Jaso and shortstop Reid Brignac are first-time candidates from the Tampa Bay Rays. Third baseman Evan Longoria and outfielder B.J. Upton of the Rays are also on the ballot, along with Minnesota Twins outfielder Delmon Young.

There will be ballots available at Riverwalk Stadium.

If you are so inclined, San Francisco's Pat Burrell spent a few days with the Biscuits on a rehab stop long ago, but we're not counting him.

Obviously, making out the All-Star ballot is an inexact science. These things have to be done in advance. For example, Brad Emaus is a candidate at second base for the New York Mets. Emaus was a Rule 5 draft pick in December whom the Toronto Blue Jays recently reclaimed and traded to the Colorado Rockies.

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